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3D Padded Biking Shorts

$24.99 USD
Tired of cheap, bulky cycling shorts that easily wear after little use? Our bike shorts are designed with padding and for ultra comfortable, long-lasting wear with a breathable, lightweight design, wear-resistant polyester material, and 3D foam padding! These padded biker shorts allow you to cycle the distance without experiencing chafing and saddle sores, for absolute cloud-like comfort.


3D Padded Biking Shorts™


 designed with an ultra-durable, premium, stitched 3D foam padding that won’t slip or slide as with other shorts, for excellent resistance and comfort when used with hard, uncomfortable bicycle seats! The breathable pad features quality stitching that won’t be subjected to wear-and-tear and provides cushioning even while cycling for long distances, 3D Padding Shorts for Full Protection.


 The quick-dry material disperses sweat away from the shorts, for a smooth, dry ride, High elasticity provides extra comfort, perfect for extra long cycle rides, our shorts are ultra-thin, lightweight and wear-resistant, manufactured from premium, breathable polyester and can help minimize wind resistance for your best performance!